Wireless Powerbank
Wireless Powerbank
Wireless Powerbank
Wireless Powerbank
Wireless Powerbank

The Ultimate Wireless Powerbank

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A simple and efficient Wireless Charger to never fear running out of battery. Charge your phone, tablet and even laptop wirelessy or with wires (USB-A, USB-C & micro-USB).

Features of our Wireless Powerbank

Designed in Paris

10 000 mAh

USB-A / USB-B / Micro-USB compatible

Wireless Charging

Ultra Fast Delivery

30-Days Guarantee

As seen in

Simple & Minimalist Design

As all of our products, we wanted a simple product that we can be proud of when we take it out of our bags.

No useless design and logo, just the bare minimum with style.

Qi Compatible

Our Wireless charger can work with any phone thanks to its ports.

For the wireless side it is compatible with all Qi charging phone both iPhone and Android.

Charge up to 2 devices

You want to charge your phone and someone else phone too ? Or your phone and your tablet ?

You can charge both at the same time with cables and/or with the wireless charger.

From Paris to Europe

We are a truly European company based in Paris.

We deliver only to Europe from our stock in France to guarantee a fast delivery and avoid customs fees to our customers.